Tire ABC_Load index

Load Rating 

The Load capacity of a tyre determines what payload each tyre can carry. It is vital that you check with your manufacturer what capacity should be put on your car. Again in cases insurance can be void if you select the incorrect tyres. The following table shows what Index specification can carry.

Passenger Car Tyre Load Ratings:

Load index:            81       82       85       86       87       90       92       95       96
Max Load(kg)        462     475      515     530     545     600     630     690     716

Speed Rating

The speed rating is the maximum service speed of a passenger car tire. Light truck (LT type) tires may not be speed rated. Here is a list of rating indicators and their kilometer-per-hour equivalents. This rating system applies to all tire makers.

Speed symbol:      N       P       Q        R        S      T       H        V       Y        Z
Max speed(km/h)  140   150  160     170    180   190    210    240    300    240